JMCB Symposium 2018: Looking into Complex Diseases

JMCB Symposium 2018: Looking into Complex Diseases

June 8-10, 2018  Shanghai, China

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Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues, 

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am pleased to announce that the JMCB Symposium 2018 will be held in Shanghai, China, on 8−10 June 2018. Journal of Molecular Cell Biology (JMCB), launched in 2009, aims to provide a first-rate publishing forum for international scientists in life sciences. The theme of the JMCB Symposium 2018 is 'Looking into Complex Diseases', including four topics:

  • Molecular Systems Biology in Complex Diseases
  • Genome Instability and DNA Damage in Aging and Cancer
  • Immunity in Health and Diseases
  • Cell Biology and Disease Modeling in Organoids 

The JMCB Symposium 2018 will be a venue with fun and excellence. We cordially invite you to join us. 

Sincerely yours,  

Jiarui Wu  

Journal of Molecular Cell Biology

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Keynote Lectures

Stephen Kowalczykowski (University of California, Davis, USA)
Title: Roles of recombination mediators in genome maintenance 

Paul Kwong-Hang Tam (The University of Hong Kong, HK)
Title: Modeling of Hirschsprung's disease in gastric organoids 

Mingjie Zhang (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, HK)
Title: Regulation of neurogenesis via modulating kinetochore attachment of Ndel1/Nde1 during mitosis

Wing Hung Wong (Stanford University, USA)
Title: From genome to EHR: Challenges and strategies

Chen Dong (Tsinghua University School of Medicine, China)
Title: Control of T cell function in immunity, inflammation and cancer

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